Covergirl Free Samples

Covergirl Free Samples

Hey, did you hear that Covergirl is giving away free cosmetic and skin care samples to women just like me and you?

My best friend told me about this offer and now I’m trying this idea for myself!.

I love being able to go to the mailbox every day to find more Covergirl free samples to play with.

So far, I’ve received many free Covergirl lipsticks, foundation, eye shadow and skin care samples.

And, these are not just tiny samples either, some are full sized containers with multiple uses.

Just recently, they even sent a full sized bottle of my favorite Covergirl & Olay Eye Rehab CC Cream; my new beauty secret for instantly brightening and waking up the appearance of tired eyes.

The CoverGirl products are created with only the finest all natural skin loving ingredients to nourish my skin back to good health. No harsh ingredients to clog pores. Fragrance free, so it’s non-irritating, which is a big deal for my skin.

Before switching to Covergirl, I got so many breakouts. Now, my skin is so clear and beautiful with CoverGirl, my boyfriend raves! And, it really helps out how they are willing to send me so many CoverGirl free samples to try out, so I can see which products work best for me.

With all these great beauty freebies, I’m really getting spoiled!

And, now you can get your own Covergirl free samples for yourself.

It’s so easy too! Just sign up, complete a few simple survey steps and you can find hundreds of dollars in CoverGirl free samples in your mailbox too; everything from luscious lipsticks to eye popping eye shadows. Get what your heart desires.