CoverGirl’s Concealer Stick

CoverGirl's Concealer Stick

Hey everyone. I just got a new product today and wanted to let you know what I think. Today we are going to look at CoverGirl’s Concealer Stick. We will be looking at color, texture, application, and coverage of this CoverGirl product. Let’s get started.


Okay, so I work morning shifts starting at 2am and sometimes I don’t get enough sleep and end up getting dark circles underneath my poor eyes. I got this concealer today in hopes of covering those dark circles until I can get some sleep, and now I’m tired and disappointed. Go figure.

So let’s start with the face. I covered a beauty mark under my lower lip with ease. At this point I was thinking “Promising”, and then my hopes were shattered when I moved onto my dark circles. The concealer gave the dark circles light to light-medium coverage and about 40 minutes later I had crease marks. Errr…why do they always have to crease?

The beauty mark is still covered fine and it’s been approx. 4 hours since I applied the concealer, so we’re doing good in that area, it’s just these under eyes! I applied a little clear eye primer on my lids and under my eyes, and the concealer didn’t crease as fast (it took about 2 hours this time to crease).

I’ll give face coverage a thumb up and I’ll give under eye coverage a thumb down.


Application is rather simple and painless. The concealer is in stick form (so it looks kind of like lipstick). Do not, and I repeat, do not simply swipe the concealer over the problem area! You will waste the concealer and get way too much on your skin.

Use a small concealer brush and pat the product until you get some on your brush. Simply pat the problem area with the concealer brush once you have product and lightly blend with the clean side of the brush or your ring finger. Using your ring finger will apply less pressure to the skin and cause you less grief in the future of your skin.


There is a wide variety of colors available. I decided to get the “neutralizer” and it is number 730. This is a fair cream color I guess you could call it. It actually has more of a gray tone to it than anything. I wanted to apply foundation over a lighter color under the eyes to give it more of a highlight than anything (trying to brighten my sleepy eyes back up). I would give the color variety a thumb up.


This is defiantly a cream/solid. It’s actually a tad tough to get off the stick if you are using a concealer brush. It feels a tad on the plastic side, but it does come off. It’s not plastic…or at least I hope. Once you get the foundation from the stick and onto your finger or brush, it does feel light and silky. You don’t get a heavy feeling on your skin or a clogged feeling you could say. Everything feels lightweight and natural.

I would say this is a good concealer for the price ($5.75). It was a quick pickup from a local drugstore, so I’m sure you can find it near you as well.

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