CoverGirl LipSlicks Cosmetic Review

CoverGirl LipSlicks Cosmetic Review

I enjoy trying out new beauty products. My husband probably wishes I didn’t enjoy it so much, because we end up with drawers full of makeup and skin care products that seemed too good to be true and, of course, were. So they sit in the drawers and take up space until I can get over the frustration of spending money on products that don’t live up to my expectations…and then I throw them out.

When I do find a good product, I like to share it with everyone. Recently, I found a terrific lip gloss from CoverGirl, called LipSlicks.

I tend to not care for actual lip sticks. I don’t like the taste or texture of them. I do like lip glosses, but I am usually disappointed with products available because they either provide a hint of color or they soften the lips, but not both. I prefer to buy one product that gives me color and softness so I don’t have to apply a product with a nice color followed by another one to keep my lips from drying out. I’m a one-stop-shop kind of gal.

I was shopping at a Walmart recently when I decided to look for a simple lip balm that would keep my lips from drying out. I didn’t expect to find one that would also have a real splash of color. I was intrigued when I saw the CoverGirl LipSlicks lip gloss. I read on the packaging that the product would keep my lips moist and soft. Bingo! That’s what I was looking for. As an added bonus, CoverGirl LipSlicks was also supposed to provide sheer color (not just a “hint” of color). I immediately thought this product might be a good fit for me, and with CoverGirl’s prices, I didn’t mind trying out a new product.

I bought a tube of CoverGirl LipSlicks in Precious shade for less than $5.00. I tried it on immediately when I got out to the car. Here’s what I learned.

The CoverGirl LipSlicks product is easy to apply. It doesn’t look like it’s caked on and it doesn’t feather out across the lips. The texture is more like a lipstick than I generally would care for, but with this product, I actually like it. Maybe it’s because it doesn’t have the waxy taste or feeling on my lips.

The color showed up much more heavily than I expected – not too much color by any means – but I am just used to lip glosses having such a puny amount of color that I was pleasantly surprised. That being said, it’s not such a strong color that it looks overpowering, so you can apply as much as needed.

To stand the true test, CoverGirl LipSlicks needed to stay put on my lips at least through an entire morning at work and it had to keep my lips soft. If my lips were dried out at the end of this “test,” I was going to throw the product out immediately (instead of tossing it into the Drawer of Misfit Makeup).

Fortunately, the color lasted all morning (even through my standard coffee binge) and my lips remained completely soft; in fact, they were much softer than when I started out in the morning without the LipSlicks. I also have this bad habit of chewing on my lower lip, so I really needed a product that would keep my lips smooth and even. CoverGirl’s LipSlicks product fit the bill.

I liked the Precious shade so much, I bought another in my standard red. The second shade I picked up was called Hipster. This shade is a little darker, which is what I wanted, and it goes on just as smoothly and stays put just as long.

I think CoverGirl LipSlicks lip glosses are my favorite lip glosses I’ve ever bought. The color selection is good, the actual shades on the lips look great, the color stays put for a long time, and it softens and moistens the lips, just like the packaging said it would. I rate this product 5 out of 5 stars based on price, color, and effectiveness.

I checked out the CoverGirl website to see how many color choices were available. There are 12 different shades of LipSlicks. I have also added the link to this product in the supporting links section. I highly recommend this product. And again, with the low cost to try it out, it’s hard to go wrong.

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