CoverGirl Concealer Review

CoverGirl Concealer Review

CoverGirl makeup for most of us is a staple for our makeup diet. I am going to do a review on Cover Girl’s concealer, is it all it cracked up to be or are we wasting our money? As you read you will discover the positives and negatives of Cover Girl’s famous concealer.

eview Summary of Cover Girl’s Concealer

Cover Girl’s Concealer is very rich in vitamin E. According to vitam E helps to heal, conceal and nurture the imperfections of our facial lines. Cover Girl’s concealer was made like so many other products to hide or conceal the scary signs of aging.

Women need to be informed on what the ingredients to many of these anti aging potions and creams. Most of the ingredients in these potions and creams are either dangerous in the long term or simply ineffective. So, with that in mind I will name off the ingredients in Cover Girl’s Concealer. We will see if these ingredients really add to the health of our skin or if it is helping to destroy the very skin we are trying to protect and nurture.

Ingredients and How they are working for us

So, I was going to list all the ingredients, but I figure that would bore the heck out of you and if you have Cover Girl’s Concealer you can just simply read the crazy ingredients for yourself. Cover Girl’s Concealer is of course not to remedy our many skin issues, but it was created to cover up the effects of our skin problems. First, Cover Girl’s Concealer contains basic antioxidant vitamin E. This is good! We all need some Vitamin E for our skin, but Cover Girl’s Concealer is lacking in more essential skin care goodies.

Cover Girl’s Concealer lacks a very important ingredient called Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid is known to moisturize our skin and keep it soft, young and vibrant. This ingredient has been tested and clinically proven to help reduce our wrinkles and restore damaged skin. So, ladies when you are at the mall or drugstore searching for the right concealer or even moisturizer look for products that have Hyaluronic Acid as one of their ingredients. There are a few other very need and essential ingredients that are not in Cover Girl’s Concealer and those are Matrixyl 3000 and Collagen. Sorry, I do not have time to go into detail about these ingredients, but if you want to know more just do a little search on these words on Google and plenty of information will pop up.

So, to break things down what are the positives of Cover Girl’s Concealer:

Cover Girl’s Concealer contains vitamin E.
Cover Girl’s Concealer conceals problem skin
Cover Girl’s Concealer is very easy to order
Cover Girl’s Concealer is fairly affordable

The negatives of Cover Girl’s Concelaer are:

Cover Girl’s Concealer has no refund policy whatsoever, so make sure you really want the product!
Cover Girl’s Concealer does not address any skin problems it only helps to cover them up.
Cover Girl’s Concealer only beneficial ingredient is vitamin E.
Cover Girl’s Concealer website currently has no customer testimonials available.

To wrap it up:

Examine the products you buy for your face. Make sure it has the beneficial ingredients listed above. So many products that we can go and purchase at our local drugstore were created for a quick sale. I guess we get what we pay for, but gees if we are going to pay for anything can we get some true goodness out of it? In my own opinion if you want a healthy choice in concealer, Cover Girl’s Concealer is not the best option. As a consumer be on the look out for products that offer trial usage so you can decide before buying the product to see if it is really right for you. Also, make sure you are able to take the product back if it turns out to be a dud of a product.

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