Cover Girl Professional Natural Lash Mascara

Cover Girl Professional Natural Lash Mascara

Cover Girl Professional natural lash mascara in clear is mascara that claims to deliver smudge-proof, natural looking lashes while also having the ability to tame unruly eyebrows. But does it deliver the same lengthening and curling of your lashes as ordinary mascara?

Cover Girl Professional natural lash mascara has a curved brush for eyelash lift, is smudge-proof, and comes in a clear gel formula. This mascara is not as heavy as typical mascaras, and will give you natural looking and conditioned lashes while also taming your eyebrows, which other mascaras can not. Cover Girl states that this product is hypoallergenic and suitable for contact lenses and that it also removes easily with soap and water.

The short list of ingredients, especially compared to other mascaras include: water, alcohol denatured, triethanolamine, carbomer, trisodium EDTA, imidazolidinyl urea, polyvinyl alcohol, methylparaben, glycerin. I am assuming that the color in mascaras and their various properties such as volumizing, holding or lengthening abilities adds to the considerable ingredient list of your average mascara.

Looking for something to provide curl without color for days I prefer to have natural looking lashes, I decided to purchase Cover Girl Natural Lash mascara at Target for $3.99. During my teen years I had used clear mascara on my eyebrows and lashes as a conditioner, but it had been years since I had tried it again and usually could not find it in the stores. This mascara can be hard to find because it is a clear product amidst the colorful and attractive packages of the other mascaras.

Cover Girl Professional Natural Lash mascara comes in a clear tube, which is pretty neat as you can see directly inside the tube. This comes in handy to determine how much mascara you have left and is a bonus over the traditional mascara. You can also see the bubbles inside this gel-like formula which is pretty neat.

Application of Cover Girl Professional Natural Lash was simple and the same as any other mascara. The product glides on your lashes easily, but feels different than ordinary mascara. The formula feels cooler, a little more wet and more like a light gel. I did not notice that lashes stay wet longer than traditional mascara, but even if you blink your eyes while it is drying, it matters not as it is clear.

Cover Girl Professional Natural Lash mascara does not feel sticky or harsh on your lashes like most mascaras and during wearing it, I notice that there were no flakes or clumps at all throughout the day. In addition, there is absolutely no smudging and you will never find yourself with raccoon eyes wearing this product. The curled brush helps to give your lashes a bit of curl, but I suggest you use a lash curler if you do not have long lashes as it does not provide the huge difference in length, curl or volume that we have come to expect from other mascaras. I have tried Cover Girl Professional Natural Lash mascara in one, two and three coats to determine if there is any difference in curl or ability to notice lashes. Two coats makes little difference because there is no color, and tends to make the lashes stick together and lose their curl, so I suggest sticking to one coat. Three coats works even worse as the curl I had initially obtained was completely worn out.

If you like colored mascara for the look it gives your eyes, I don’t recommend Cover Girl Professional Natural Lash because the difference in your lashes is not dramatic as it is with traditional types of mascara. It will however give you some coating on your lashes, and if you prefer not to wear makeup, or are looking for clear mascara that will give your lashes just a little bit of lift, especially if you already have long, lush or dark lashes, this could be the mascara for you.

If you plan to wear eye shadow, I suggest wearing light eye shadow-but apply prior to mascara as the powder will coat the mascara on the tips of your lashes and be noticeable. Too dark of an eye shadow will drown out your lashes with using the Cover Girl Professional Natural Lash mascara.

With regards to washability, Cover Girl Professional Natural Lash washed out easily with regular cleanser or soap and water. By the end of the day, you can feel there is still some product on your lashes, which indicated that it does remain on the lashes, even though you can not see it.

The biggest pro of Cover Girl Natural Lash mascara is that it is feather light on your lashes, once dry (when wet it feels a bit heavy due to the gel like formula); there is no flaking, clumping or smudging. Your lashes do not feel heavy or weighed down as they do with other mascaras. It does help to separate lashes, but not amazingly so and does little to enhance your lashes. It also provides conditioning for your lashes which other mascaras don’t. This is a great product to use on days where you don’t want to wear heavy makeup but would like a little lift, on days you are working out and don’t want the raccoon effect but would like to feel like you are “dressed”, for working outdoors in the hot sun or wind or if you have beautiful natural lashes already and just want to give them a little something extra. With regards to its ability to curl, I see little difference and I am not sure why a curved brush is used as it appears to have very little impact. Using a lash curler if you want curled lashes with this product is a must.

Cover Girl Professional Natural Lash mascara also has a major pro as compared to other mascaras-you have an eye lash curler and eye brow tamer in one. This product works extremely well for taming and grooming brows and is probably the best use for this product, aside from conditioning your lashes. If you use Cover Girl Professional Natural Lash mascara on your eye brows, over time, you will notice that your brows have been “trained” to stay in place and you won’t need an eye brow brush. This is easily applied to your brows by gliding the product over them in the direction you want your brows to go in. I have found applying it to the brow hair in an upward motion and then once all of your brow is coated, push the hair into the direction you want to go using the applicator wand. After application, your eye brows will feel very strange and almost wet. They will continue to feel this way until you get used to using Cover Girl Professional Natural Lash mascara on your brows. However, if you touch your brows a minute or so after application, you will notice that they are dry and feel soft, not heavy and wet as you feel they are. Using this on your brows does not lead to any clumping or flaking.

As a conditioner, Cover Girl Professional Natural Lash works very well. I have tried this both with and without curling my lashes and applying a regular mascara after the natural one dries. I strongly recommend that you allow Cover Girl Professional Natural Lash to dry prior to applying your regular mascara if you plan to use this as a conditioner, or it is too wet. I also suggest using an eyelash curler in between applications of the conditioner and your regular mascara as when I applied the CG Professional Natural Lash to my eye lashes and then my regular mascara without curling, my lashes appeared droopy due to the additional weight on them. When using the lash curler however, it provided really nice results and my regular mascara went on very smoothly with the Natural Lash underneath it. I also found that when washing off my regular mascara, with the Natural Lash used as a basecoat, it was much easier and the mascara came off quickly with some water.

This is a wonderful mascara if you are looking for something to give your lashes a natural look, to wear to the gym, or outdoors. It works very well to tame eyebrows and over time helps to make them stay in place and keep a natural look. If you are looking for a feather light, smudge free, clump free mascara to give you just a little something extra, or if you want to provide some conditioning for your lashes and tame your brows, Cover Girl Professional Natural Lash mascara is the right product for you. I do not recommend it though for people who have short or light eye lashes and who are looking for a mascara that will enhance their lashes considerably. This product just won’t do that, regardless of the curling mascara wand. I also highly recommend using this product as a base coat for your every day mascara to provide your lashes with some healthy conditioning and to make application of the top coat smoother.

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